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Trading doesn't have to be hard!
Some of us used to think trading would be hard. We thought we needed math degrees, or incredible computer skills.  But when someone broke it down and made it simple, we learned that trading isn't difficult! Now, we believe ANYONE can learn to trade. That's why we've created this Trade in 30 Day Challenge!  We're going to break it down and make it so simple, that by the end of the challenge, you can start trading with your first professional strategy!
How does it work?
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Daily Emails
Each morning you'll receive a short email with a link to that day's video. 
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Bite-sized videos will help you understand the basics of trading.
Do the 
Get walked through the setup process to get ready for your first real stock trade!
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Get your questions answered in our private Trade in 30 Days Challenge Facebook Group!
What is the cost?
$4850   Only: $97!
Trading Education Videos
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